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Mountain Top Cares Coalition

You Are Invited!

This past Monday we had our Smacked Screening and Panel discussion.  It was a powerful night and the message we took away from the night is that the community is ready and willing to help.  If you missed the film but would like to view it, CLICK HERE.

On Monday, November 25 at 7:00pm will be gathering at the Windham VFW to begin discussing ways we can do our part to combat addiction and the stigma and begin helping those in need.  We have ideas and action steps to present, but we are also interested in hearing yours.

The plan for the meeting is to present some of the ways we can take action immediately.  Those include:

-Creating a Recovery Friendly Community on the Mountain Top
-Promoting and Enhancing the Holistic Model for Care at the Wellness Center in Tannersville
-Organizing transportation to and from Drug Court for residents of the Mountain Top.
-Promoting our vision and raising awareness via social media and a web presence.

There are many other things we can do and this will be a forum to discuss them, but we do want to move forward on these items and we need help.  Please RSVP to or if you can attend.

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