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Mountain Top Cares

The Mountain Top Advocacy Coalition will to be hosting a viewing of ‘Smacked’ on November 11, 7 pm at the Windham Theater.  This award winning film about the Opioid Crisis in Otsego and Delaware Counties looks at the issue of addiction and recovery in rural communities.  It is extremely moving and quite powerful.

Our goal for hosting the event is two-fold; to connect people in recovery on the mountaintop and begin to cultivate a serviced based community addressing the issues of addiction and recovery.  We also want to continue to raise awareness of the issue and motivate local citizens to get involved.

It’s Veteran’s Day and we will acknowledge our veterans at the event to remind us all of the toll that the epidemic has taken on this group of men and women.

There will be a panel discussion following the film including people that appear in the movie, the director/producer, local folks in recovery and experts in field.  There will be a Q and A.

Feel free to post this on your Facebook page and do what you can to help us promote this powerful opportunity to address an issue on the mountaintop that has been hiding in the shadows for far too long!

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