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Organization Friends of Recovery

Recovery-oriented care and recovery support systems help people with substance use disorders manage their conditions successfully. To many people, recovery is about finding a meaningful role in society and a path to long term freedom from addiction. The process of recovery is supported through relationships and networks of pathways. Not every person has the same recovery route and it should be an individualized process to ensure success.

For NY is an organization whose mission is to demonstrate the power and promise of recovery from addictions and its value to individuals, families and communities throughout New York State and the nation. They are driven to help change the stigma about addiction to help those feel more inclined to start their recovery. They envision a world where recovery from addiction is not only common but celebrated.

Stories of Recovery are as diverse as society itself. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, and neither does recovery. Recovery stories can be from men or women, young or old, rich or poor. Each year, For NY comes to the Upper Hudson Valley area near Albany to increase New Yorkers access to prevention, treatment, and recovery support services. There are many programs in place from leaders who are addiction survivors to tell their story.

For NY wants the community and law makers to know that with the right recovery support, it is possible to get help. Their video explains how they help people who are in recovery or just getting started. Everyday counts, and people are still affected by addiction but with the help of law makers in the Capital, this will change. For NY continues their outreach programs to help people in addiction reclaim ownership of their lives.

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